Autumn Mix 2009

Jakuta's Autumn Mix 2009

1. AU – Ida Walked Away
2. Damon & Naomi – The Mirror Phase
3. Noah & The Whale – 5 Years Time
4. The Babies – Meet Me in the City
5. Blank Dogs – RCD Song
6. Lovvers – Human Hair
7. The Cure – Killing An Arab
8. Braniac – Fresh New Eyes
9. Vomit Heat – Everything is in its Wrong Place
10. Future Islands – Old Friend
11. Modest Mouse – Tundra-Desert
12. Internet Forever – Break Bones
13. The Kills – Goodnight Bad Morning

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4 responses to “Autumn Mix 2009

  1. dizzymslizzy

    Yeappie! I was hoping for Jolie Holland’s Springtime Will Kill You. That would be following in the precedent of Spring mix’s Yo Lo Tengo’s Autumn Sweater .

    • This song is great. Too bad I already sent out the mix. Maybe the winter will bring spring then.

  2. i like the cover very much, where did it come from?

    ida walked away is great!

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